DW Lusk Contracting provides a wide variety of construction services for a broad spectrum of projects and markets. Backed by qualified, visionary employees whose expertise can readily assist you in quality decisions, making the most for your investment dollar.

The DW Lusk Team consists of talented and knowledgeable professionals to handle all phases of your construction project from conception to the end realization of an envisioned goal. As a General Contractor, we professionally handle all types and sizes of projects from renovations of old to construction of new. Our project management team guides you through every step of the project with our expert field staff, diligent workers and qualified subcontractors delivering your project on-time and with the highest degree of safety and quality. The comprehensive capabilities of DW Lusk Contracting include the following project delivery methods:

Bid Build • Construction Management • Design Build

Bid, Build

The Bid, Build delivery method is most beneficial when a client desires to contract directly with a selected consultant for design services and then enter into a fixed fee contract with a single contractor to perform all construction activities. Once a contract has been mutually agreed upon and executed the client’s costs are fixed and the financial risk transfers from the Client to the General Contractor, with the exclusion of unforeseen conditions.

As a highly qualified and experienced General Contractor DW Lusk Contracting strives to provide the very best service at the most competitive price possible.

Construction Management (CM)

Within the framework of the Construction Management method there are many similarities to the Design/Build method in that the Architect/Engineer and DW Lusk Contracting are jointly involved in the very early stages of the project although there are individual contracts between each entity and the Owner. This early partnering allows DW Lusk Contracting to contribute to the functionality, materials and construction type decisions resulting in our preferred “Team” approach to every project we do.

Our years of quality, on-time performance have resulted in strong working relationships with many Arizona Architects, Engineers and Consulting Firms. This early, unified effort adds additional assurance toward an “on-time” and “on budget” end result.

Design, Build

The Design/Build approach of DW Lusk Contracting has typically been to enlist the services of a design firm specifically chosen for their qualifications for each particular type of project. We then consult directly with the Owner to develop the desired design criteria. Specifications are then drawn up into a preliminary design which is utilized to determine cost and scheduling to project completion.

This approach incorporates a collection of input from the Owner, Architect/Engineer and Contractor while retaining many of the best features of the other project approach methods.

Better planning and scheduling is possible within the Design/Build method due to the project remaining under the leadership of one entity. All of the resulting benefits are passed on directly to the Owner.

The Design/Build approach is generally a more economical method since the combined input of the Architect/Engineer and DW Lusk Contracting results in a greater unified understanding and requiring less detail in the drawings. Early planning with the Owner and a strong working relationship between the Architect/Engineer and DW Lusk Contracting produces a more cost effective design with increased quality.