About Us

In Memoriam - Don Lusk Sr.

Don was the driving force responsible for the conception of DW Lusk Contracting, LLC beginning with DW Lusk Concrete Works in 1996. It was his vision and standards for excellence that molded the DW Lusk Team into such a highly respected entity. At the time of his passing, Don had 45 years in the construction industry and had been the Managing Member/Director of Operations for DW Lusk for 24 years. Don earned his enviable reputation and the respect of his peers by setting the standard of superior service where Client Satisfaction and Quality Construction are the paramount goal.



Our Team


Don Lusk Jr. – General Manager

Don developed his first hand understanding of every level of construction starting in 1991 as Laborer, then Equipment Operator to Foreman to Superintendent and on to become General Manager of DW Lusk Contracting, LLC. As General Manager, Don works directly with Owners and Architect/Engineers proficiently handling all aspects of the pre-construction process and project construction through to the final close-out. Proficient schedule and budget management coupled with a dedication to high quality, produces a cost effective, on-time, premium end product that meets or exceeds the customer's expectations.

24 Years with DW Lusk Contracting LLC.
29 Years of Experience


Casey Lusk – Project Manager

Casey has been with the DW Lusk Team since 2001 and is now serving as Project Manager. This pivotal position as liaison between the office and the field holds great responsibility in the supervision of employee performance, scheduling of each project phase and coordination of all in-house jobsite operations. Casey confidently handles this position with the same inherent pursuit of quality and expert skill that lends to a timely completion and to the customer’s utmost satisfaction while helping employees reach their personal and professional goals. This makes DW Lusk Contracting, LLC an employer of choice and “a great place to work”.

19 Years with DW Lusk Contracting LLC.
19 Years of Experience


L’Erin Heap – Office Manager

L’Erin is responsible for all aspects of our administrative department to include payables, receivables, human resources, payroll, contracts, job-tracking and communications liaison between all entities of each project. L’Erin greets each task with a professional attitude, expertise and willingly gives her personal attention and best to every circumstance.

7 Years with DW Lusk Contracting LLC.
20 Years of Experience


Kristin Pinkley - Administrative Assistant

Kristin is the cheerful voice you talk to when calling the office and the friendly smile greeting you when you visit in person.  She coordinates communication between clients and our team.  In addition to communications, she also provides support to all team members for the various day-to-day activities associated with DW Lusk.

10 Years with DW Lusk Contracting LLC.
14 Years of Experience

Our Philosophy

A Solid Foundation

Anyone in the Construction Industry should understand the significance of a good foundation. If done right, it can provide a lifetime of solid support even if a fair amount of mistakes are built on top of it. If done wrong, it will begin to crumble under the stress of adversity and, no matter how superb the quality is of what goes on top, it will not endure the test of time. Since DW Lusk Contracting, LLC began as DW Lusk Concrete Works we’ve had many years to witness this truth as we’ve laid the foundation for all types of Projects.

DW Lusk Contracting, LLC has been built on a solid foundation of Integrity and a Determination to do things right. We have built a track record of high quality, on-time performance with personal service in all we do. For some people, these are just “buzz words”. For the DW Lusk Team, these are the guiding principles that help shape your customer experience, from the front office to the job-site and through to the end results.

Our Philosophy is this simple truth. It reveals itself over time and our reputation still stands on it.

On Time Completion

We understand the importance of completing projects on time. Through years of experience, we have been able to leverage on-the-job time into real time results. We strive to work harder and smarter to rapidly reach the scheduled mark while maintaining premium results. When the DW Lusk Team is working on your project, you can rest assured you’ll have an on-time delivery.



From the foundation, up, Quality is our primary objective. The DW Lusk name is on every project we do because we know that every job completed is yet one more visual testimony of who we are and what we do. Talk is cheap, while quality shines through.

We take care to start with a highly qualified and skilled staff, from the office to the field. We have equipped ourselves with cutting edge technologies and equipment that promote rapid response with precision performance. We choose to work with quality oriented Subcontractors and Professionals who have proven themselves over time. We understand that when quality is chosen, it shows.

Personal Service

The DW Lusk Team is comprised of Individual Professionals who understand what it means to Serve. They know how to listen to the issues, locate and provide answers to the questions and facilitate the necessary changes to produce an end result worth putting their name on. Accessible and ready to serve the needs of their Customers is what you can come to expect from DW Lusk Contracting, LLC.